Monday Moodboard: Breathing Spaces


Let's face it, most of us are a slave to our weekday routines —spent mostly trapped inside office cubicles behind computer screens. Concrete walls, stale air conditioner air or smoke belching out of vehicles are the scenery of our daily lives. A very suffocating environment, if you ask us. So, with this Monday Moodboard, we suggest you take your vitamin sky and breathe in a gasp of fresh air. Empty yourself first with quiet, blank, breathing spaces before fill yourself up with the chaos of city life.

Credits: spiritfire, montagu, nnlynn, xanthocumulus, richardhall, sexyinred, atropaworkshop, rqlevy, argentic-translation, kohtza, fotobes, ensur, falsedigital & jcasserino

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geschrieben von cielsan am 2018-09-24 in #Kultur #monday-moodboard

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