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  1. guin
  2. guin
    guin · · Reply

    My first results using the ImBack for analogue cameras…

  3. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Sweet as @crosschannel @loewon @steamtug1959 @pangmark @rolfmg @sirio174 thanks heaps

  4. sirio174
    sirio174 · · Reply

    My long-term project update: now 627 photos from the same place

  5. steamtug1959
  6. steamtug1959
  7. richardhall
    richardhall · · Reply

    A look at the work of Diane Arbus

  8. ekeupratama
  9. gheinz
  10. gheinz
    gheinz · · Reply

    Variations hivernales…

  11. tomczykd
    tomczykd · · Reply

    My new album with Martha Mulawa is here:…

  12. vicuna
  13. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    The highest tide in the world is at Burntcoat Head!…

  14. lomomargot
  15. lomomargot
    lomomargot · · Reply

    Balade le long de l'estuaire - Blaye & Bourg…

  16. lomaugustry
  17. hervinsyah
  18. hervinsyah
  19. loewon
  20. loewon
  21. sifree
  22. sifree
    sifree · · Reply

    St. Pancras from Kings Cross

  23. crosschannel
  24. smssms
    smssms · · Reply

    Come on UK spring! Bright sun is going to make shooting with my ISO 0.8 microfilm a bit easier.
    Anyone else making life hard for themselves for no particular reason (other than art/experimentation)?

  25. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Heyhowzitgoin? @poketree @oldstandby @troch @schwarzesauge @jek75 @pjs445566 @mimi8909 @theblues @theblues @olivo380 @jamescat22 thanks heaps for your likes & comments

  26. sirio174
  27. rolfmg
    rolfmg · · Reply

    @robertofiuza,@marineije,@Koduckgirl,@Sirio174,@Saor,@Antmark,@tomczykd,@Yulia_adamova,@PHZHI,@Schwarzesauge,@KevinPowell,@Whereischoi,@Sisyell,@Saor,Thanks for recent intensive visits and many likes!

  28. rolfmg
    rolfmg · · Reply

    @Troch,@Klawe,@Guja,@Josa,@Steamtug1959,@Gmushinsky,@chromagnon Once again for your regular and intensive visits - much appreciated. Thanks too for supporting my older works.

  29. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 · · Reply

    @icequeenubia wohooo.. thanks a lot ! congrats to @lalunexviii, @caglag, @pearlgirl77, @YoujeongKim & @barbarabezina <3

  30. brendanos79
    brendanos79 · · Reply

    Hi @lavisionmd and thanks for replying. Unfortunately I tried them and they could only suggest trying contacting local repair places. They were nice but a bit vague ☹️

  31. lavisionmd
    lavisionmd · · Reply

    @DANNYKEIGHOBADI I simply use an Epson scanner, but we also have an app to help you take photos of your photos

  32. ekeupratama
  33. lavisionmd
    lavisionmd · · Reply

    @brendanos79 hey! you should send an email to, they may be able to help you solve this!

  34. brendanos79
    brendanos79 · · Reply

    Hello fellow Lomos. I need some help with my Daguerreotype lens! It developed a fault, isn't under warranty, but UK repair shops I've tried won't look at it . Anyone able to suggest a possibility?tx

  35. icequeenubia
    icequeenubia · · Reply

    Congratulations, @lalunexviii, @caglag, @pearlgirl77, Youjeong Kim & @barbarabezina on winning Please check your inbox for your vouchers. :) h

  36. hervinsyah
  37. hervinsyah
  38. monocular
    monocular · · Reply

    @smssms just a place where you can share new images with others, shout outs to fellow lomographers, say hey, etc. Kinda just small blurbs or questions. Cheers if that helped :)

  39. monocular
    monocular · · Reply

    Happy Valentine's Day to all my fellow lomo-lovers. ❤💞💘 Remember to tell your cameras and film how much you love them. ‼

  40. sierravictor
    sierravictor · · Reply

    @dannykeighobadi With a flatbed scanner. For me a Epson V800. A Canon Canoscan 9000F mk 2 will also do.

  41. lomodesbro
    lomodesbro · · Reply

    Hey bro @mlchaelbexley @dr_dorokhov @belokkiri @chroagnon @ellehafiz @dromenth @chass2 @rewd @goshenhank @rauschbilt @crosschannel @aleatorius thanks heaps

  42. lomodesbro
  43. dannykeighobadi
    dannykeighobadi · · Reply

    hey everyone! I have a question; instax users, how do you scan/digitise your shots?

  44. sirio174
  45. ekeupratama
  46. ale2000
    ale2000 · · Reply

    Camera: Lomo LC-A
    Film: Kodak Ektachrome 100 expired 07/2007

  47. vicuna
  48. vicuna
    vicuna · · Reply

    New album, Streets of Quebec #3 :)…

  49. aka_papu
  50. aka_papu
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