Must be the clouds in my eyes [...]

There was a nice display of scarecrows at the Morton Arboretum made by local schools, girl scouts, and boy scouts.

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  1. buckshot
    buckshot ·


  2. somooblacklist
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  3. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    i love the vividness

  4. grazie
    grazie ·


  5. alburnkat
    alburnkat ·

    Striking!! and I Really love the colors in this Album.

  6. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    @buckshot @somooblacklist @blueskyandhardrock @ grazie @alburnkat Thanks all! Stay tuned for more images from this series except in medium format!

  7. marta1901
    marta1901 ·

    super nice picture!! wow! :)

  8. nishichauhan
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  9. qrro
    qrro ·

    wow! great colors

  10. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    @marta1901 @nishichauhan @qrro Thank you:)

  11. simonesavo
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  12. phantomphoenixphotos
    phantomphoenixphotos ·

    Such beautiful colors. Could stare at this the whole day!

  13. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    @phantomphoenixphotos thank you kind sir!

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