It's been four years since I decided I wanted a Diana and found this site and it's been amazing. I never would have guessed back then that I would have this amazing camera collection and so many friends to share my images with. Thank you everyone. Looking forward to another fabulous year. Additional Cameras : Pentax SuperProgram, Pentax ME SE, Pentax PZ10, Ihagee Exa Type 1.3, Argus A2B, Bolsey B2, Viogtlander Vitomatic I, Viogtlander Vito IIa, Kodak Retina, Kodak Vollenda, Kandor Candid, Falcon Miniature, Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127, Fex Superior, Cragstan Zen-99 Super Lark (Kona Kid), Tower 120 Box Camera, Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Dover 620, Voigtlander Perkeo I, Franka Solida III, Kodak Metalist II, Speed Graphic Anniversary 4x5 Press Camera, Leonardo 4x5 Super Wide Angle Pinhole Camera, Vermeer 6x13.5 Panoramic Pinhole Camera, Original Pinhole Blender 35, Canon TX w/ Lexon Laser Pinhole, Konica U-Mini

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