Mystical story

When I found the right angle and was ready to release the shutter, this man appeared and stopped right there.. in the gap of the balustrade.

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Excellent shot. Beautiful album.

  2. clickiemcpete
    clickiemcpete ·

    Wow, stunning album!

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    great shot

  4. grazie
    grazie ·

    awesome work!

  5. albeelee
    albeelee ·

    love love loveeeeeeeeee!

  6. plavaliznaem
    plavaliznaem ·

    Ириночка, красота!

  7. zakuson
    zakuson ·


  8. 134340
    134340 ·

    He knows Palkina! hehe... great capture! :)

  9. jandra
    jandra ·

    fantastic album! I really enjoyed every picture=) nice work!

  10. appelmoes
    appelmoes ·

    I love this album! What have you done with the film??

  11. palkina
    palkina ·

    @mafiosa @clickiemcpete @grazie @albeelee @plavaliznaem @zakuson @134340 @jandra thank you so much for liking this album and nice words!

  12. palkina
    palkina ·

    @appelmoes thank you! this roll was washed in dishwasher and then manually treated with Domestos gel in a dark room.

  13. trw
    trw ·

    Amazing album!!! It's fantastic!

  14. fartstorm
    fartstorm ·

    Fantastic effects. Good stuff!

  15. itisanormalname
    itisanormalname ·

    al'bomchik krytishka

  16. dida
    dida ·


  17. objectionableconformity
    objectionableconformity ·

    I've been trying to think of words to say, I'm just speechless.

  18. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    so dreamy! great lines

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