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 (α)042 My Camera "Leica Standard"
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 (α)041 Mamiya 645E coming, open box.

 (α)040 Return to Malaysia (Old Town Photo Slide Show)

 (α)039 Return to Malaysia (Vintage Camera Shop in Ipoh)

 (α)038 Return to Malaysia (Ipoh Town Shoot #3 B&W)

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 YouTube saki saki Channel

 (α)037 Return to Malaysia (Ipoh Town Shoot #2 Photo Shop) 
 (α)036 My Camera "Olympus Pen S"
 (α)035 Film Loading into Patrone and Shoot with Movie Film
 (α)034 Return to Malaysia (Ipoh Town Shoot #1)
 (α)033 Opening Package of Film Loader from USA

 Others are in the YouTube saki saki Channel. Please check it up !

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・My Camera
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