Abuse FILM, not drugs!

Minolta 16 II 16mm microfilm
Minolta 16MG
Yashica Samurai 3.0, 4.0 and Z
Rollei 35
Olympus 35SP
Canonet QL17
Canon WP-1
Canon AF35M
Minolta AF2
Yashica 35GS
Canon WP-1
Ricoh R1
Ricoh Mirai
Ricoh Mirai 105
Olympus XA
Olympus Stylus Epic MJUII 35mm2.8
Olympus IS1
Olympus IS3 ED Zoom
Ricoh K-mount bodies
Olympus OM-2 and basic lens kit
Nikon F1 with most Nikkor lens focal lengths except the real expensive ones.
Pentax MX, ME, K1000, Most lenses except most expensive ones.
Chinon K-mount bodies with the 50mm AF and 35-70 AF zoom
Fujica St605 and ST701 many M42 mount lenses including Tomiokas.
Minolta 35mm workhorses and most lenses...can't kill 'em
Voigtlander R, Leica IIIF, Fed-2, Voigtlander lenses: 15mm Heliar, 25mm Skopar, 35mm Skopar. Canon 50mm f1.8 LTM, Industar-22 'Elmarski', Jupiter-9 85mm, Leitz Elmar 3.5 and Summar. Helios 40, Jupiter 6 (180mm Sonnarski for Zenit SLR 39mm).
Kiev 60 MLU, CZJ 180 Sonnar, Biotar 75, Flektogon 50.
Mamiya C220 55 to 180 lenses
Rolleiflex TLR with 75/3.5 Xenar
Yashica LM 80/3.5 Yashikor triplet lens
Shin Hao 4x5 with a bunch of large format lenses like Fujinon 150 and basic Schneiders
a bunch of fat tripods and dusty enlargers
all working and good. If I could only shoot as well as I sniff-out old camera gear.

24 100