I enjoy taking Fotos. to explore, to look, to take part, to keep a moment, to create.
ich liebe es zu fotografieren. Endecken, schauen, teilnehmen, einen moment festhalten, gestalten.
I am learning, i am curious ...
Ich lerne, ich bin neugierig ...
Ich liebe das Medium seit ich Kind bin.
My Intention to show fotos - is my love for the analog medium, which is continuing since a long time.. I want to upload some of those old memories taken through diverse cameras.
I spend a lot of time with collecting and testing cameras:
Werra, Zeiss Tengor Box, Altix Altissa V, Yashica Electro G, Minolta Hi Matics (af2; af-sv; g, 7IIs) Minolta srt 101, Minolta x300, Olympus RC, Pentax auto 110, Cosina cx2, Lomo lc-a, Contaflex, Mamiya RB67 ...
Am I a crazy collector? At this moment of my life - Yes to both ...
Fotos I took with digital cameras are here:

This Community is fun! There are sooooo many Fotos to see - I NEED MORE TIME....
I am very grateful for your likes - i take my time to look at your Fotos and i love to like ;-)
See you around!

PLEASE NOTICE, that if you should download and use a foto of mine, that you mention my nick-name. It would be even nicer, that you first contact me, before you do so.
..........he said .... June 2015 ......

update April 2016:
... I totally forgot to invite you to look at these - spend time, losen up, strange humor and self-made-mus?c :

update August 2016
I am happy for all your likes!
Always amazed! how much talent and fun is here in our lomo!!! Keep it up.

August 2018
First article about film/journey ...…

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