Emiliano Vittoriosi is a polyhedric artist, his work is based on the conceptual and material creation of communicative contents. He essentially deals with the entire creative process from analysis to implementation and care of the project.
Specialized in the creation of editorial and advertising content. His work focuses on the editorial process for photo books and novels, magazines and art books, content creation for advertising campaigns, content for social networks, creation of corporate identity, creation of websites and e-commerce.
In 2020, he founded Berlin Explorer, born from the ashes of old projects, including Berlinecore (Street Photography project) and Spotlight (a project based on music). The idea was to assemble a group of photographers who would shoot together in Berlin, and then create collective publications & projects. BerlinExplorer reworks mainly other old projects, such as Kaktuszine, which have always had the same perspective in common: the proposal to share and learn together through experience, replacing the typical competition of our times with collaboration, the only real way to grow both as humans and as photographers.
Emiliano is based actually in Berlin, Germany.


Founder & Editor in Chief of beexproject.com/

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