Lomography Awards: Versuch und Irrtum: LomoWall at the Festival Cortos Psicoactivos in Bogotá

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Submit your psychedelic photographs for a chance to be part of a LomoWall exhibition at the Festival Cortos Psicoactivos in Bogotá!

Echele Cabeza, a non-government organization which focuses on reducing the risk and harmful effects of psychoactive substance use, will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of their Festival de Cortos Psicoactivos! In line with this milestone, they're calling all Lomographers around the world to contribute to their cause through a LomoWall exhibition.

To join, get us hooked with your photographs that share your perception on the effects of psychoactive substances. Use your creativity to share your view on this societal topic – think of the trippy look that you'll get from a film soup experiment or that striking atmosphere from using colored smoke bombs. All selected images will be displayed at the LomoWall exhibition during the festival, in front of thousands participants.

Start your creative journey with your film cameras and shoot your most profound and hypnotic photographs!