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Ilford HP5 pushed to 1600

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  1. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    Love it!
    My mum had on - mid 1980ies - red of course ;-)

  2. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @msiegel Thank you so much! Really? What a beautyful car to have; this one in particular was black and i was so fascinated about it

  3. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    Yes, a friend of my father's had a black one, looked also great. The other colors at that time were not so good looking. It was a good to drive car. No electronics - like a fully manual camera. Take care and regards, Martin!

  4. silverius83
    silverius83 ·

    molto bella

  5. mirkos91
    mirkos91 ·

    @silverius83 Grazie mille! :)

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