warriors of an indian summer...

...from India...among all the local festivals in Goa and the rest of the Konkan region…Shigmo would be the most popular and colorful..!!..

..celebrating the arrival of the indian summer and the start for preparations of fields to be in readiness for the indian monsoons..Shigmo has ancient pagan origins and involve these colorful..larger than life effigies..that commemorate the Ranes..native Maratha warriors rising against the Portuguese colonizers who ruled over this part of India from 1510 to 1961…

Stories of these Maratha warriors battling for justice and independence are legendary and even today, they inspire all of us, to rise up against oppression and injustice……………....

Please note that the Swastika that you see in some of the pics is NOT from that notorious period in World history..but this one..in its vertical position, is an ancient hindu symbol dating back to the indus valley civilizations and it invokes Lakshmi…who is the Hindu Goddess for Wealth…Prosperity…Good tidings and Auspiciousness

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    Wow very beautiful imagery and colors these are amazing! Cheers and thanx for the recent likes

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