My Brother, Charles, Visits and Walkabout 5 Feb 2013

My brother, Charles, visits from Mayetta, Kansas, and we have a walkabout Hollywood and Universal City City Walk, and we gad about town on train, 5 Feb 2013.

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  1. neznajka
    neznajka ·

    February and no snow. Sad!

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @neznajka This is Los Angeles... If you drive 50km up, into the mountains, you have snow, about 200km you have skiing, or 40km to the beach, you have surfing. Take your choice.

  3. neznajka
    neznajka ·

    Right. I did not pay attention to the place.
    Nice to have that choice. Even a little envy, after a few falls on the ice.

  4. pauline_wildwind
    pauline_wildwind ·

    Great picture!!!

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