Pangandaran Kite Festival

On July 16th to 17th 2011, the blue skies over Pangandaran’s charming beaches will be decorated with a large array colors, shapes and sizes of kites as the annual Pangandaran International Kite Festival gets underway. Taking place at the Ketapang Doyong Field, at the Eastern Beach of Pangandaran, in West Java, facing the Indian Ocean, the event will present some of the best traditional and modern kites from Indonesia and overseas. This year, 40 teams from 10 provinces of Indonesia and 12 international teams from Asia, Europe and America have already confirmed participation, comprising as many as 250 contestants, with 200 participants from Indonesia, and 50 international kiters. The festival will feature several competitions, among others: in the 2- Dimensional category, the 3-Dimensional category, the Rokaku, the Train and traditional categories, and in the frameless or Balloon category.the festival will also feature 2 Guinness World Record holders on kites, the Ohashi couple from Japan and Peter Lynn from New Zealand. The Ohashi couple’s kite still holds the Guinness World Record as the longest kite in the world, while Peter Lynn holds the record for the biggest kite, measuring almost the width of a football field. Kite Art Indonesia Association will also put on a special show of a flight of some of their world champion kites collection, including the Barong and the Ulat Bulu or the caterpillar. As in previous years, the festival will also be highlighted by various art and cultural performances, exhibitions, and interesting activities such as Indonesia’s traditional children play, the kites duel. As its skies are swarmed with thousands of kites, Pangandaran still offers a one stop complete experience. From swimming, snorkeling, Jet Skiing, Fishing to Hiking and hill climbing and eco-tours, Pangandaran has it all. It is a full package vacation, fit for every age and an ideal place to visit anytime of the year.

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