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  1. kleeblatt
    kleeblatt ·

    ooops , that's lots of snow !!!!! we haven't had any snow so far .. :(

  2. why-yu
    why-yu ·

    @kleeblatt you know it's really hell .. we usually also not have so many snow.. and so cold.. and wind.. and no a snow plows.. many people not work in that days.. no bread in the shop - apocalypse.. but for kids it's a fun days))

  3. chourique
    chourique ·

    о нет, не может быть! снег зимой! :)

  4. why-yu
    why-yu ·

    @chourique в ростове это каждый раз ЧС

  5. 1122
    1122 ·

    океан снега, волны, прилив

  6. peterpan61
    peterpan61 ·

    cool very cool shot

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