My first test with the Lomochrome Metropolis. I am very surprised by the results, as they obviously differ greatly from the advertised results. I exposed the film with ISO 200, developed it in a negative process and scanned it as a negative with an Epson V600 Photo (automatic scan).
What is wrong with it and what do I have to change?
Homeprocess in Digibase C41 at 41 ° C for 2.75 minutes.

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  1. ansebundren
    ansebundren ·

    I don't know anything about processing, but I like how these turned out. Some of them look almost like pastel sketches.

  2. guja
    guja ·

    Thank you very much for your comment @ansebundren . I kind of like the results too, but they are different from the other Lomographs.

  3. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    Tolle Halbformatkomposition! Ich hab den Metropolis erst einmal probiert und das im 110 Format. Ich weiß noch nicht wie er auf Über-/Unterbelichtung reagiert.

  4. guja
    guja ·

    Vielen Dank @msiegel !!!

  5. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @guja Wenn's doch stimmt.

  6. ihave2pillows
    ihave2pillows ·

    Love the tone. Happy "accident"!

  7. guja
    guja ·

    @ihave2pillows Thank you very much :-)) but the film was really not easy to scan.

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