Sometimes you have to work hard to get what you want

I first shot this roll of film in the Lourve, Paris, France. My original idea was to shoot inside, rewind then shoot outside in Paris. However, because my LC-A has taken a beating of late, I had to stick the start of the roll to the take up spool and I only had a band-aid to do so. When I rewound the film I re-wound it too far and it went into the canister, band-aid and all. After going to a camera store and without speaking any french got them to try to get the tab out with one of those tongue grabber things, it was well and truly stuck so I waited until I got to London and went to the Lomography store there who also couldn't get it out and referred me to a camera store down the road. They had the equipment I needed but I would have to pay for it. I ended up buying empty film canisters then went to snappy snaps and they took the film out of the original canister (took the band-aid off) and put it into the new canister.
After all of that, I was really glad I went to the trouble because I really do like this film, I love the ghostly vintage portraits fading into the modern city scape.

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