the big sneaker spaghetti puke! i had this on my mind for longtime! BUT…

… in a different location. i had this special idea how the surrounding of this shot had to look like but in two years time i did not find anybody who had the perfect loction at home of which i thought. so now finally i shot it in a different spot. if someday i will find anyone with the fitting location to shoot what i had on my mind i willl surely re-shoot this again.
sadly i forgot that this roll of film must be of the same batch of expired fujichrome i shot last year in november in spain (…) with its weird colourshifts. the colours here are good i think but i tried my very best to get non-grainy shots but this was not possible with only using different scanner settings and not working it over in PS. ah and btw: i am still not sure if this shot with its perfect surrounding poped in my mind during a dream or if i saw it once. no kidding! i mean i finished my studies at the university on sneakers - so i am the first german with a sneaker diploma - and therefore i saw thousands of sneaker pics but going through the web and my mags and books i did not find this spaghetti pic and i was really thinking i have the idea from a pic i saw somewhere someday in the past.

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