Riding my bike.

Trips to Glendora and Covina, around the first third of October, 2019 and shot as ASA 1000.

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  1. mlchaelbexley
    mlchaelbexley ·

    Great shot!

  2. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    @mlchaelbexley Thank you. I have always liked when people shoot the aligned birds on lines photos, but never had that op until just recently, and I had the 210mm zoom lens on the camera.

  3. metaluna
    metaluna ·

    99 birds on a wire.

  4. sinkinanchorssince1984
    sinkinanchorssince1984 ·


  5. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    @metaluna sounds like a version of 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

  6. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    @sinkinanchorssince1984 Thank you.

  7. diptych
    diptych ·


  8. captainfantastic
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  9. neufotomacher
  10. neufotomacher
  11. neufotomacher
  12. neufotomacher
  13. neufotomacher
  14. ilaydademir
    ilaydademir ·

    oh wow.. beautiful.. i love watching birds, thank you for the likes!!

  15. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    @ilaydademir You're welcome.

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