Catching fish

Lao fishermen at the Nam Khan river in Luang Prabang

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  1. steamtug1959
    steamtug1959 ·

    Sehr gut !!!!

  2. evilpete
    evilpete ·

    Danke, @steamtug1959 ...hab genau auf den richtigen Moment gewartet ;)

  3. eyesea69
    eyesea69 ·

    Really great shot. I have a couple of ST605s, one of my favorite cameras!

  4. evilpete
    evilpete ·

    @eyesea69 Short after this trip my ST 605 got some mechanical problems. I think it was cause of all the dusty roads in Laos ;-). And I switched to the ST 705 and I never regret it. The ST 705 comes with some exrta features, like a lockable trigger and open aperture light metering.
    Thanks! This shot is one of my personal favourites from my south east asia trip.
    Greetings from Vienna

  5. eyesea69
    eyesea69 ·

    @evilpete I also had an ST-705 which I loved, but sadly it got damaged and no longer works. Recently acquired an ST-801 and an EBC Fujinon 28mm which I am looking forward to trying. The main thing I like about the 801 is the led indicators for the meter in the viewfinder. Great for shooing in low light.

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