A film about the "Flâneur" with excerpts read from Walter Benjamin's "Das Passagenwerk".

Walter Benjamin'in "Pasajlar"ından alıntılarla, flanör hakkında kısa bir film.

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  1. acrom
    acrom ·

    Just now I was for the first time watching some Lomo movies. Expecting analogue captured digitally edited film I was a bit surprised. "Flâneur" I like because of the text-view combination in black&white. But I must watch is twice because I must read the subtitles what makes me less looking at the film itself. Istanbul as I remember of a trip several years ago and indeed: when observing and recording it seems like being a private detective, because one lets the world around come in more than when walking in ones own bubble.
    Would love to learn about what camera, lens(es), film and/or editing software is used.
    Reading excerpts is a good way of bypassing copyright issues as when using copyrighted music. Now it's a quotation which gives more freedom of sharing.
    For personal use I filmed digital (handycam) and edited it to small (5 minutes) and medium sized (up to 40 minutes) movies. Because most of the used music is copyrighted I cannot share those. A few years ago I got back to analogue photography and that's why I wonder about the use of lenses in these Lomo movies.

  2. bunyamin
    bunyamin ·

    Thank you so much for your interest and comment. I made this film completely with my mobile phone (Huawei mate 20 lite) with a stabilizer (Dji osmo mobile). I use a free editing software called "Shotcut". I don't have a digital camera and apart from my phone, I shoot on film with analog cameras. So when it comes to video aesthetic, I wanted to make it look like a film (thanks to low video quality, it looks like film when turned black and white). I'm afraid I won't be able to give advise on lenses in this regard. Thanks again for watching my video and leaving a comment.