Analogue Alberta - Meet 2 - Drumheller

These photos are from the 2nd Analogue Alberta meet held in Drumheller on September 22, 2012. They include images from the decommissioned Atlas Coal Mine (including a train ride on a refurbished 1930's coal train), a suspension bridge, the badlands, and the worlds largest Tyrannosaurus Rex.

A big thanks to @weedos, @yyyhorn, @aussenkorrespondent, @peewpeewbangwatcha, and @louzislouz, and friends.

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  2. cynthiaj
    cynthiaj ·

    How do you get those hearts??

  3. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Hello @cyn8728 - I will create a tipster for this, but the technique is very similar to what I did in this tipster:

  4. lomo_herectus
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    Love it !

  5. bloodstained
    bloodstained ·

    looks like a house of love :)

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