Modernist Samara

Samara- pearl of modernism in Russia as a whole (as the museum of modernism suggests) and modernist architecture as well. Some streets do feel like you are in Budapest, what I very much appreciated at the moment. Such has an easy explanation- in 19 century, Samara was the third industrial city in the whole Russia- flour, salt, butter "kings" shipbuilders- you name it, that is how you have works of architects trained in Germany, Switzerland etc. at times even together with Germans themselves- Samara is also home of so called Volga Germans.

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  1. ansen
    ansen ·

    I really love the light color on your images 🌹

  2. yailia
    yailia ·

    Thank you so much! Most of it is using the film, which is meant for the outdoors - indoors (:

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