Bronze bust of Leopold Arends (1817 - 1882), inventor of a once very widespread stenographic system, bust made by sculptor Alexander Calandrelli

For months, the beautiful Olympus Trip 35, which I got from my grandfather, had been blinking at me from the display case. I had often held it in my hands and was always fascinated by its beautiful appearance and its simple but effective technology. But I had never used it. Until now. Loaded with an AgfaPhoto APX 100 (very popular with me at the moment), which was later developed in Rodinal (1:50, 20 °C, 11 minutes), I find the results extremely appealing. The Trip 35 is not only pretty, but also has a lot going for it!

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  1. rodiongork
    rodiongork ·

    Wow, thanks for putting thoughtful description :) I really love to browse photos of monuments from various countries as they allow to peek into history - but many people neglect leaving even the name of the person... Thanks a lot!

  2. ojbk
    ojbk ·

    @rodiongork Thank you very much! I am pleased that what I write about my photos is so appreciated. 🙏

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