Zeche Hugo (old coal mine in Gelsenkirchen)

"Don't think just shoot" - is the motto of this album. Getting out with the Lomo LCA is always a pleasure. Random shots on different occassions and locations. Some candid shots indeed from the hip. Kodak Gold 200.

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  1. sonvisen
    sonvisen ·

    Just a little fun fact: The beer in my hometown Tromsø is called Mack-øl. The Mack brewery was started in 1877 by Ludwig Mack, son of an immigrant family from Braunschweig. :) de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macks_%C3%98lbryggeri

  2. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    @sonvisen Thanks - quite interesting. I thought the vehicle was a vintage Mack truck. But as it was used as an event truck in former years (selling snacks and drinks on special events) it could well be that they sold Mack beer...(-;

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