Meet the LomoApparat, the totally EXPERIMENTAL, incredibly WIDE and super EASY TO USE 35 mm film camera with a 21 mm wide-angle lens! Photo by Elena Loffreno

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  1. b3tsy
    b3tsy ·

    ok now this is badass

  2. jolierose
    jolierose ·

    this made my day. love it!

  3. ghostfox728ghostfox728
    ghostfox728ghostfox728 ·

    Reminds me of Animorphs, love it!

  4. sir_ilnar
    sir_ilnar ·

    I like this!

  5. unusedshrug
    unusedshrug ·

    it's unique geometrydashlite.co

  6. davitjack1
    davitjack1 ·

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  7. ritika11
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