Woodpecker on a sunflower

Woodpecker eyeing seeds on my dead sunflower plant in the late fall.

dead seeds sunflower woodpecker
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6 Kommentare

  1. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Smart bird.

  2. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear briany.
    You are aware that for many regions this is a very rare woodpecker. Apparently this is a three-toed woodpecker. Common woodpeckers have four toes, and this one has three. In addition, only these birds have a characteristic yellow cap. Only to photograph this woodpecker in Russia is a great reward from nature. Perhaps they to you now replacing with pigeons?! But all the same - experts can envy such an every opportunity.

  3. briany
    briany ·

    Hi Slava! I had forgotten that you are a Lomo bird expert and to tell the truth, I was not even really sure that the bird was a woodpecker when I first saw it. And now to find out that it is an uncommon three-toed woodpecker is certainly a surprise to me! Based on your comments, I now feel very fortunate that the bird allowed me to capture it on film. It is also interesting that you mention pigeons because we seem to have a lot more of those around here compared to past years.
    Thanks so much for your comment!! 👍😁

  4. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Dear briany
    This bird is an inhabitant of the wild forest. She refers to people how as, for example, to bears. We can say how to the brothers in the wild forest for feast. Lets you so close that it seems a little bit more and you can even stroke it. There is only one problem. First you try to find this bird.

  5. awa-awa
  6. briany
    briany ·

    Thanks for the link and further info about the three-toed woodpecker, Slava. The video is awesome! I will certainly be keeping an eye out for this lovely bird again In the fall.
    Cheers, Brian

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