Bosham is a lovely old world village on the South coast. Its shore road gets flooded twice a day and some motorists do not believe the warning signs. So, at times a car has to be recovered by the perplexed owner. The village carries a legend: Ages ago , marauding Danes stole a bell of the church which had 7 of them. While the Danes were fleeing, the monks rang the bells and number 7 joined in. The bottom of the boat opened, the bell sunk to the ground and the boat closed up again (as they do). The Danes were frightened to death and rowed as fast as they could to the open sea. The bell remains on the ground and if you listen carefully you can still hear her sound being carried over the bay. I tried to cath Bosham's atmosphere by my BCX.

B as is BCX of Praktica and B as in Bosham
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