I'd Rather Be A Bird Than A Fish

Picked up a Zorki-4 at a car boot sale at the weekend, tested it out today. There's a chance I damaged the shutter mechanism - apparently, you should only set the shutter speed once you've advanced the film fully, but I had been playing around with the camera prior to reading the manual - oops! Thankfully, it still seems to be working, but shutter did get a bit stuck/weird mid roll, while I was out in cold weather, then it was working again once I was indoors and camera warmed up again - not sure if the cold would cause that to happen or not though? Also seems to have a light leak at one side.

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  1. antigen
    antigen ·

    Да,менять выдержку можно только после взвода затвора. Но такое наблюдается не во всех "зорких".У меня есть "зоркий-4",но я больше пользуюсь зорким-1 и зорким-2с.

  2. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    @antigen Мне действительно жаль, что я не прочитал ручной первый 😊, я думаю белая линия, одна сторона структуры была сверхподвергнута, вызвана занавесом ставня, являющимся медленным, или липкий в холодную погоду (вероятно, нуждается в чистом и новом смазывании),

  3. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    These inverted reflections look well executed; it has a look of darkroom imagination, though I would guess they are a single shot on each frame.
    I have read that if you set the shutter speed before cocking the shutter, and it didn't break, it might take a few frames to work out the bugs. I have an Ukraine FED 5v.

  4. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    @neufotomacher Yes, just one single frame, unaltered other than orientation...it does look very different that way around :) I hope that's what has happened with the shutter in this case - lesson learned - have a quick look at the manual first when using a new camera, just in case :) I saw a FED at a car boot sale yesterday actually, but it didn't look in great shape so I left it.

  5. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Good decision. The FED was probably a "vintage" camera. LOL

  6. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    great news! it has been nominated as the the photo of the day!!!

  7. crosschannel
    crosschannel ·

    Congratulations to the picture of the day. One needs to get ones head adjusted ;-)
    Your Zorki will probably need a good revision, likely to have 'stiff' lubricant. I 've seen one nice Zorki recently on a car boot sale, guy wanted a tenner - sadly I came second after the man who bought it ;-( If you need any assistance with a service of the old girl, always worth asking the guy who runs the shop that I've linked -in my Lomo Home.

  8. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Thank you kindly @fragakis_p :)

  9. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Thank you @crosschannel, I saw a big clump of lubricant on the wind-on spindle, so there's a good chance that had a lot to do with it acting up! I was very fortunate to find this one for £5 at car boot sale :)

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