Proof Scan from Minolta 16MG

Proof scan of the whole roll of negatives. Fomapan 100 regular-8 movie film in a Minolta 16MG.THe pictures are mostly from the Mississauga Living Arts Centre and Benares Museum. Lessons learned: (1) Fomapan has a very dark base - I thought I hadn`t fixed it enough and re-fixed the film to no effect. (2) For scanning, I should rate it a bit faster - the whole density range was compressed into a small band of dark shades - and that base didn`t help either. The V600 scanner really couldn`t get much from these negs. (3) If I`m going to get anything presentable from the Fomapan, I`ll have to make wet prints and then scan those.

16mm Failures
Minolta 16 MG
Fomapan 100

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  1. frau_edixa
    frau_edixa ·

    I guess you looked like a spy... taking pictures with that cute little one:)

  2. aeroektar
    aeroektar ·

    @frau_edixa Considering that spy cameras are supposed to be inconspicuous, it's amazing how much attention it gets. "Is that a CAMERA!?"
    If only it had a focusing scale rather than two ill-chosen focus points, it would be th eperfect 16mm still camera.

  3. frau_edixa
    frau_edixa ·

    got a 16mm edixa:) but still have to put in my first roll of film

  4. aeroektar
    aeroektar ·

    If it would help, I'd be delighted to mail you a few feet of double-8 film. I think you'd get sprocket holes in the edges of your frames (Edixa seems to have bigger frames than Minolta), but it would at least be a proof-of-concept.

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