Walk on the sunny side

Two sides of the street, the sunny one and the one in shadows. This old woman made her choice right. :)

7 Kommentare

  1. blikka
    blikka ·

    very nice light! I have to go to Croatia someday. I've been told Split is so beautiful!

  2. jura
    jura ·

    @blikka Thank you very much for your comment. Split is really beautiful, you are welcome anytime. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)

  3. blikka
    blikka ·

    @jura hehe thank you!

  4. rewd
    rewd ·

    @jura wonderful!

  5. jura
    jura ·

    @rewd Thank you very much! :)

  6. neneohcs
    neneohcs ·

    Wonderful light!

  7. jura
    jura ·

    @neneohcs Thank you! :)

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