pls read the story!

i can´t even remember when yulia (@why-yu) from russia visited berlin. months ago it was. we met in a bar to exchange film rolls for doubles. it was really damned cold at that time. and dark and not good conditions for taking double layers.
and then came the long cold dark winter and i was busy working and carrying the roll with me all the time. when i was visiting the graffiti-bridge lately i had my holga with me and loaded it with the roll. unfortunately the exposure button had changed to bulb i my bag without me noticing. the moment i noticed i wasn´t really sure so i took a selfie and looked concentrated if the apperture is closing. you can see on this dumb looking pic the moment i mean.

unfortunately my layers shot in good light dominate the pics and therefore there is not much left of doubles on some pics. very disturbing on those dark forest and tree shot with the shadow.

just in case you haven´t what i don´t believe! check yulias home. it´s worth it:

thanks to yulia! we should give it one more try!

just in case

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