A friend lent me her Widelux 1500 camera, saying: "I haven't used it in ages, I don't know if it still works." Well, it does. It takes a bit of practice though. For some reason I seem to forget to advance the film often. And keeping the camera perfectly still if difficult, it has a huge swing lens. Not to mention the banding (the overexposed stripes you see). Still, the pictures that do turn out good, are great I think, so I'll just keep experimenting.

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  1. catherine_leah
    catherine_leah ·

    Really cool

  2. itisanormalname
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  4. anttmaki
    anttmaki ·

    Really cool photo! I just found this pic from your DigitaLiza article and I had to come and click "I like this photo". :)

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