Orongo, the place of the "Bird Man"

This place was dedicated to the very special ceremony of the "Bird Man". Every year, there was a contest on the island where the men who wanted this title must jump in the sea, swim to the little pointed rock, climb on the top of it, take an egg of a big sacred bird living there, and bring it back to the community. And just behind is the biggest and perfectly round shaped volcano called Orongo. A fascinating place!

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    yes, speechless!

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    @ohpleasedontgo @satomi @maria_vlachou @superlighter: thanks! Indeed we stayed there without saying a word when we discovered this view....!

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    and more Whoah! and Wow!

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    insane colors

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    @grazie @antibiotyx @neurodiaz: thanks! :)

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    This is incredible!

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    fou !!!

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