Analogue Dreamers: An Experimental Exhibition


Film photography continues to remain strong. People still hold to the idea of holding the prints and seeing the images appear as they were shot for the first time. It is through this experience that people with different visions are connected. It is also through this same belief and understanding that Mikro Polytexneio Artspace and Lomography Greece collaborated for the Analogue Dreamers exhibit last October 2016.

Analogue Dreamers features the work of 21 artists and photographers from different fields. It was curated by photographer *Giannis Voulgarakis* and was open to the public from the 20th of October to the 30th just last year. It’s an eclectic series of photographs that featured different uses of film photography. It also showed the unpredictable and equally interesting side of experimental or alternative photography.

Watch the video for a glimpse of the exhibit:

Featured artists:

Manto Arvaniti
Leda Efstratiou
Jenny Kampourogianni
Dimitris Kanellopoulos
Iosif Kapellas
Ioanna Karkani
Aleka Karra
Dimitra Kostidou
Nikos Kotsiopoulos
Christina Maratou
George Mavromichalis
Areti Morfi
Eirini Ntalari
Despoina Pavlogianni
Vicky Polydera
Eleni Stavrou
Giorgos Taxeidis
Nick Fergadis - Giannakopoulos
Panagiotis Fragkakis
Xanthi Fotopoulou
Fotini Chatziagapoglou

Analogue Dreamers
Art Gallery – Ismos
By Mikro Polytexneio Artspace and Lomography Greece
Curated by Giannis Voulgarakis
October 20-30, 2016

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3 Kommentare

  1. fragakis_p
    fragakis_p ·

    I was one of the analogue dreamers! Thank you Giannis Voulgarakis for that exhibition!

  2. johnvoulgarakis
    johnvoulgarakis ·

    Thank you lomography !!

  3. gmavromih
    gmavromih ·

    I keep dreaming since and hopefully never stop doing so! Thank you Yannis & lomography for this amazing experience!

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