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The Yashica T4 Super, (also known as T4 Super D, T5, and Kyocera T Proof), was the last model in the T series of 35 mm compact cameras manufactured by Kyocera Corporation for Yashica. Like the Contax RTS series of 35mm SLR cameras, Yashica's T series was a product of the partnership between Kyocera and Carl Zeiss AG. Thus, the T4 Super and all the models before it were equipped with impressive Carl Zeiss lenses.

Yashica T4 Super © Andy Sedik via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license

Aside from its Carl Zeiss Tessar 35 mm f/3.5 lens, the auto-exposure, and auto-focus T4 Super also had a waist-level viewfinder called "super scope" beside the LCD display on its top plate.

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Technical Specifications

Type: 35 mm lens shutter autofocus AE camera with built-in flash
Picture Size: 24 x 36 mm
Lens: Carl Zeiss Tessar T 35 mm f/3.5 (4 elements in 3 groups)
Shutter: Programmed electronic shutter
Exposure Control: Programmed AE
Metering Range: Auto-flash mode and red-eye reduction auto flash mode: EV 9.5 (F3.5, 1/60 sec) - EV 17 (F15.5, 1/700 sec); Flash-IN mode, Flash-OFF mode, Landscape Mode: 3.5 (F3.5, 1 second) - EV 17 (F15.5, 1/700 sec).
Metering System: External metering system with dual SPD element and automatic backlight compensation
Film Speed: Automatic setting (DX method), Linked in range ISO 50 - ISO 3200 (for each step), Automatically set to ISO 100 with DX films outside ISO 50 - 3200 range, and non-DX films
Focusing System: Infrared active multi-autofocus system (with focus lock mechanism)
Shooting Distance: About 0.35 m to infinity
Viewfinder: Real image viewfinder, with Superscope
Viewfinder Display: In viewfinder focusing frame, picture area frame, close-range picture area frame.
Eyepiece Indicators: Focusing indicator (green LED), flash/camera shake indicator (red LED)
Super Scope: Center set up marks
Display Panel: Exposure counter/self-timer remaining time display; picture-taking mode marks (auto-flash mode with red-eye reduction auto-flash mode; Flash-IN mode; Flash-OFF mode, Landscape mode); battery warning mark
Film Loading: Automatic loading mechanism (with automatic winding to frame "1" position)
Film Advance: Auto-winding mechanism
Film Rewinding: Auto-return/auto-stop mechanism; also mid-roll rewinding possible
Exposure Counter: Incrementing type LCD with automatic reset

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All information for this article was sourced from Camerapedia, Vintage Camera Lab, Wikipedia, and Butkus.org.

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