The Wanderlust Wonderlist: Newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Just recently, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Committee had added 19 new sites to its list of World Heritage Sites. Read more about it under the cut!

Granted at the World Heritage Committee’s 37th annual session in held Phnom Penh, Cambodia last June1 16-27, the newest additions comprise of 5 natural and 14 cultural sites. Here are some of them:

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Mount Fuji (Japan)

While it is technically a natural landscape, Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji (as well as the landscape surrounding it) is recognized as a cultural site as the breathtaking view of the mountain – with its often snow-capped peak and majesty overlooking quaint villages and the sea – has long inspired artists and poets throughout the centuries.

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Mount Etna (Sicily)

Considered as the world’s most active stratovolcano, Sicily’s Mount Etna provides an impressively rich and diverse landscape that never fails to fascinate scientists and researchers alike, thus earning recognition as a natural World Heritage site.

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Namib Sand Sea (Namibia)

Inducted as one of the new natural World Heritage sites, words cannot begin to describe the view that the sand seas of the Namib Desert in Namibia, Africa provide. Located on the coastal desert along the Atlantic coast of Southern Africa, the sand seas’ temperatures bounce between exceedingly hot at daytime (sometimes exceeding 45 °C) and freezing at night that it has become a unique host to a plethora of endemic invertebrates, reptiles and mammals.

You can view the whole list of the newest World Heritage Sites here.

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