Interview with ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON from Diana World Tour Austin

Rachel Staggs and Carlos Jackson are the vastly multi-talented dynamic duo behind Austin band All In The Golden Afternoon. However, they’re also awesome Lomographers and great friends of the store!! We caught up with them recently to recap their experience as DWT artists and hear about new projects they’ve been working on.

All In The Golden Afternoon

All In The Golden Afternoon
Windsor Park, Austin, Texas

Texas psychedelic project All in the Golden Afternoon has been stretching the boundaries of drone pop for over half a decade. Rachel Staggs brings her experience with Experimental Aircraft and Monster Movie (ex-Slowdive) to establish layers of melodic noise and heartfelt purrs while Carlos Jackson creates a backwards dimension of translucent auditory upheaval. The couple fuse these individual visions to construct their signature hallucinatory sound. Rachel has been an avid Lomographer for 15 years and Carlos began his Lomo journey in April 2012.

How are you guys!?
C: Doing great; Rachel just finished editing a LomoKino created video for our new single & she started recording vocals for two other bands.
R: Yes! Love the LomoKino! I seem to be super busy creatively and that’s great. I’m writing & recording lyrics/vocals for a band in Australia called All Sparks Burn Out and a band here at home that I co-founded way back in 1997, Experimental Aircraft.

What was your favorite part of the Diana World Tour in Austin?
C: I loved viewing the collection to see how many other flavors of the Diana there were. My personal fave: the Babette!
R: I loved seeing Carlos explore the art of medium format photography for the first time. I also really enjoyed exploring the Detrich Collection; I miss it being in the store!

One version of the “Babette” camera, part of the Dietrich Collection. Photo by Collector's Quest.

How did you come to choose the charity that benefited from the auction of your print?
C: We lost our tuxedo cat of 13 years in 2010 and we loved the charity’s focus on older cats that may be more difficult to adopt.
R: Losing Scout (our tuxedo cat) rocked my world in a way that forever changed me. He struggled with diabetes and kidney disease the last two years of his life. I work from home, so he was my constant companion. Tuxedo Junction Cat Rescue not only takes in and looks for homes for cats, they take care of sick elderly cats that some would just write off. They don’t have a lot of space, or money, but I wish they did.

All In The Golden Afternoon’s vignette from DWT Austin, which was auctioned off to benefit Tuxedo Junction Cat Rescue!

If you only had one day/night in Austin, how would you spend your time?
C: Hopefully it’s a Sunday so we could make it to Hope Farmers Market. Next, 45/LP digging at end of an ear. Probably some oysters at Clark’s or Perla’s, followed by a swim at Barton Springs during the summer months. I’d like to get to Mt Bonnell for the sunset, but then make it downtown to see some music (hopefully at the Mohawk or Beauty Ballroom). If not, I’d go to the Red Room for a delicious bottle of wine and a late dinner at Justine's. As my final activity, I would reschedule my flight to spend 3 more days in town, ‘cause the above only scratches the surface!
R: Well, I married the right guy! That sounds like a fantastic Austin day to me. I would want breakfast first. So, let’s say it’s a Sunday and I’ll have huevos divorciados at Takoba on our way to Hope Farmers Market. Then to End of an Ear for record shopping and Clark’s for lunch, followed by a stroll down South Congress for people watching (photo taking) and shopping. Barton Springs is a bit too cold for me. Hit up Uchi during their Sake Social Hour (5-6:30pm) for a snack and then to Mt. Bonnell for the sunset. Hopefully I’m staying at Hotel St. Cecilia, so I’ll get ready for a night out and have a drink in the lounge. I check out to see what bands are playing, if nothing catches my eye, we head to The Red Room for a great bottle of wine and make our way to Justine’s for a late night dinner. If we go to a show and need a late night snack, we head to one of the East Side King food trucks and call it a day.

“Winter swimmers at Barton Springs” by laylara

What elements of Austin (or Texas in general) inspire your work?
C: In Texas, finding the supernatural or surreal in such a seemingly mundane place. In Austin, I love the reclamation of turn-of-the-century architecture and infrastructure.
R: Austin vibrates at a different frequency than the rest of the state. I don’t know how to explain it, but just an hour outside of Austin things feel so different. I’ve lived in Austin most of my life and while I’ve seen the city triple in population, it still maintains an independent artistic spirit. I feel like anything is possible here. Texas is full of visual inspiration. So many of the main streets in small towns have the most amazing buildings, sitting completely empty. I love documenting the dilapidated signs and structures. The landscape is unique and changes so much throughout the state. If we drive East, the trees get taller and almost forest-like. If we drive West, eventually we find the desert and we haven’t even left the state yet. I went to college in the “panhandle” where everything is flat and you can see for miles. There are fields of cotton and tumbleweeds you better not drive your car over. The space. The land. It is surreal once you’re out there and away from the cities.

You guys are husband and wife, so you must have an important relationship as a team. What’s the best / worst part of this dynamic?
C: Best: I know her taste level is consistent (and usually higher than mine) and I don’t have to worry about micromanaging creative elements. Sometimes I think she is the only person on the planet I can do this with. Worst: Since we have so many creative endeavors together, I sometimes feel we don’t have as much “free” time as other couples may get. EVERY lunch is a business lunch!
R: Best: When making business or creative decisions, there are only two of us and things get sorted out fairly quickly. We communicate well and respect each other. Worst: What Carlos said.

Carlos and Rachel, photo by carlosjackson.

What is the most exciting thing that you are working on right now?
C: Finishing up our LP we have been working on for 3 years both here in Austin and in London. Also, A conceptual medium format photography and poetry book by Rachel and myself.
R: I’m super excited about the album and book we’re working on together, plus I’m sharing travel stories (some from our European tours) on a travel site: Wanderlust and Lipstick.

Of all the mediums that you work in, which are you most interested in right now? What kinds of materials are you drawn to?
C: Sound is still my primary interest. I love “systems” in the way Brian Eno thinks of them: If you have one sound repeating “bleep” and a second repeating “bloop bleep” and a third repeating “blip bloop bleep,” what happens in 30 seconds, in five minutes?
R: Sound and film.

Any particular influences that helped define/inspire your aesthetic/sound?
C: I have been stuck in 1967 for two decades now.
R: 1967 Czech New Wave Cinema is a big visual inspiration for me. Musically, my foundation is rooted in classical music. I am constantly inspired by sound, created by people and in nature. Even when taking a shower, I hear a song through the water somehow. Of course it’s left my head by the time I can try to recreate it.

What’s the oddest, or most difficult, request you’ve ever gotten from a client?
C: “Can you make the end of this song 10 seconds longer?” (the song was already completed).
R: “Can you print this 5×5 (medium format) photograph as 5×7 so I can frame it?”

Carlos Jackson and Rachel Staggs, multi-talented Austin artists!

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