LCA 120 is failing me... Here are the first shots of my recent trip to Burkina Faso. I took the LCA 120 as the medium format camera as it's really easy to use in every situation, lightweight and small. But the first 2 rolls I processed disapointed me strongly, not because of these shots, but because these 8 shots are the only ones on the 2 b&w rolls I processed. I was worried about the batteries but they're new, and testing the camera showed no specific problem at first. But it appears that in strong light, the shutter doesn't open from time to time, even if does make the sound of an opening shutter... so, I lost 16 precious shots on those 2 rolls because of this problem. I have 5 more color rolls to be processed and I fear that the problem will be the same and that there will be very few medium format pictures remaining from this trip :( But of course, I shot also a lot on 35mm cameras, so there are a lot of other photos to come ;)

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