My first photo-exhibition :) (digi photo-report)

OK then, so my first photo-exhibition took a place in “Stanczyk” Gallery of Art, in Krakow. It is exhibited since 7 to 24.10.2014, but the official opening was in Saturday (11.10.2014).

Theme of the exhibition was “LO-FI Photography” with 16mm film (so-called 110/pocket) and miniature cameras – this time entire work has been made with my beloved Diana Baby 110. :)

It was organized by Foundation of Disabled People’s Art, with support of the Lomography Society International.

This exhibition consists of 7 collections, created with help of the aforementioned Diana 110 camera and various kinds of ‘110/pocket’ films (200 ISO colour negative, 100 ISO black&white film and reversal 200 ISO film X-Pro Slide). These collections have been shot in various locations, mainly in the vicinity of the southern Poland, such as Kraków, Chabówka, Nysa, Głuchołazy, Rabka, Dobczyce, Nieciecza and Grabówki.

I had no idea how would it work out because I have never made such an event before. It started at 16:00 and actually there came indeed some people interested in the LO-FI phenomenon. :) We displayed not only the photos themselves, but also printed informations about low fidelity photography, as well as the ‘technical area’ with all the Diana models, with the Diana Baby 110 emphasized (obviously :) ).

Full photo-report from the even You can find here:…
The report has been prepared by Pinokio – the guy we’re usually going for photo-trips: he takes his gigantic digital camera and I take my tiny analogue cameras (like Diana Baby, or Mini, or other machines) so we always look like guys from Laurel and Hardy movies, haha.

As You can see, there were people in various age – it was nice to see they all were interested in analogue photography. :)

The exhibition will be available for another 2 weeks, until the 24.10.2014.

More photos by yerzmyey