After far too many years out of analogue love, I found myself deeply in love with a brand new Lady Diana. I was at the time running out of luck. Three years abroad in a foreign country, living the dream, was gonna hit back on me. Lonely and a surplus of time on my hands I could fall back on my new found love Lady Diana. Amazed by the many opportunities of buying, developing and scanning film in Amsterdam, quick and for a decent price, things apparently had to change. After rapid alterations and occurrences out of my hands to influence, I suddenly found myself back in Malmö, Sweden. With most things being messy, my new found analogue love was something to fall back and rely on.

But in a country, self proclaimed as the most modern in the whole wide world, there is no place for analogue love. Where a flat screen TV is not called a "flat screen TV" but merely a TV, one is not allowed to feel nostalgia. A TV is differentiated from the older (normal) TV by changing the name (of the older type) to "Thick-TV". The Old small photo shops I used to love, were now shut down only existing in distant memories before being long forgotten, replaced by bigger digital complexes with the latest millions of millions pixel cameras.

Developing any 35 mm or medium format film in Malmö, costs between 15-20 Euro and gives roughly 2-3 weeks of waiting time. A bit different from the "1 hour, 4 Euro, booth in Amsterdam to say the least. Another place can scan your films. It cost 5.5 E per photo (!). Clearly there is no way this can be sustained. So I finally got my own scanner and C-41 chemicals have just arrived and i have started to delve into my stock of exposed film.

At the moment using: Diana F+, LC-A , Minolta HI-MATIC GF, Civica MX-V, FED 3 and Spinner 360.

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