• take a break

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  • Hook

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  • Velocity

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    Going fast, freezing time. Movement, momentum. This is one of my favourite lomographs ever, because I didn´t know how it would turn out until I got my photos back from the lab. I did not think about the outcome when I shot it. I just took it. Don´t think, just shoot!

  • Yesterdays

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    museos del Vaticano

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    Dippemess is a tradition which dates back to the 14th century. At that time, the Maamess, as it was then called, was a medieval market for domestic articles. Potters from the Westerwald, Kannebäckerland and Urberach came here to sell their wares, especially their ceramic bowls and pots. These were known in the Frankfurt dialect as 'Dippe' from which the event soon took its name. Over the years, more and more fairground booths and popular attractions joined the market as well. The Dippemess today is Frankfurt’s largest fair and a lot of fun :)

  • Dolphin Sky

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    Dolphins are swimming in the early spring sky. Shot dolphins first at an aquarium. After finished whole a roll I set it again into LC-A and then start shooting at an amusement park. There are only a few nice results and this is the best one. Tough challenge but worth trying :)

  • Agfa Optima 125

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