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  1. kdub
    kdub ·

    This is wonderful

  2. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Beautiful, dreamy image!

  3. bigcityal
    bigcityal ·

    Congrats on the POTD. That Color Implosion sure has that faded postcard look.

  4. rqlevy
    rqlevy ·

    Thank you so much, @polka- , @bigcityal, @mjanekerr, and @kdub!

  5. alightthatnevergoesout
    alightthatnevergoesout ·

    Great! Lovely colours. Which iso setting did you set there? 100?

  6. rqlevy
    rqlevy ·

    @alightthatnevergoesout thanks! Yes, I shot this at 100, though I think I overexposed it slightly.

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