Self developed at home with Tetenal C-41
and never expected such colors but i love them :D
ISO Setting: 50

8 Kommentare

  1. kangiha
    kangiha ·

    great color

  2. marcus_loves_film
    marcus_loves_film ·

    love the wrought iron fence in the foreground!

  3. tracyvmoore
    tracyvmoore ·

    Absolutely stunning!

  4. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    very nice home developing... Like a redscale film..^..^

  5. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @kangiha thanks!
    @marcus_loves_film me too ;) thank you
    @tracyvmoore thanks a lot
    @wuxiong thanks.. yes a little bit :) or like a c-41 developed in e-6

  6. grazie
    grazie ·


  7. mapix
    mapix ·


  8. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @grazie thank you :)
    @mapix dankeschön is mein lieblingsbild von dem film.. und der belair überhaupt :)

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