• Blossoms

    geteilt von candeeland am 2017-02-07

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    geteilt von frauspatzi am 2010-08-10

    i made two mistakes: ...first i left the lubitel in B-Mode and took the first picture. ...then i forgot to transport the film to the new frame and took the next picture...wääääähhhh.... ...Now, it is my favorite picture;-)

  • Lomowalk along the beach

    geteilt von paperplanepilot am 2011-02-03

    Since I was the only one who had a lomo camera in the group, I did the lomowalk alone. An hour before we left for the airport, I took one last stroll along the beach. LESSON LEARNED: the beach can over expose an ISO 100 film

  • シンリンヨク -wander in the forest

    geteilt von hodachrome am 2016-06-01

    Double exposure -portrait in a forest with dried leaves on the deserted house. By LomoChrome Turquoise.

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    geteilt von hodachrome am 2016-06-01

    Self-timer shot in an old tunnel. Took off my jacket to get slender silhouette... very cold