• What lomographers need to understand

    geschrieben von maxwellmaxen am 2012-06-02

    OK, I really seem to be one of those guys who has to nag about shit all the times. And maybe it is a good thing, maybe it is stupid, maybe everyone ignores it, and maybe, maybe I just do it to blow off steam. Well, it is time for my first nagging blog, and I simply do this because the shoutbox would not allow me to write this extensively, and I want it to stay for a while, somehow to be found and being read over the next few years.

  • My Best Shot in 2011

    geschrieben von maxwellmaxen am 2012-01-04
    My Best Shot in 2011

    I have shot an awful lot of pictures in 2011, blame it on a huge trip to the states, the first time I really earned money or that I simply had an enormous amount of spare time. Either way, it was a good and spoken in processig, expensive year. I extended my collection of cameras and had a lot of great and satisfying shots.

  • The lovely La Sardina Marathon

    geschrieben von maxwellmaxen am 2011-06-16
    The lovely La Sardina Marathon

    One Day I got contacted by LSI if I wanted to test their latest Product. Who wouldn't say yes?

  • My First Steps in 120 Film Photography

    geschrieben von maxwellmaxen am 2011-03-24
    My First Steps in 120 Film Photography

    Since I joined Lomography a year ago, I somehow developped the hunger for new cameras. And I stuck to 35mm Cameras for most of the time, but in February this year, I found a nice litte box-camera for quite no Money and I liked how it looked and my excitement even grew bigger, when I read that it was a so called Brownie. I have read about them and liked the pictures, never thought that i would ever own one of those.