Photography - The action of light on silver halides. A form of magic. Moments captured, instant memories. I am a photographer from London and I photograph the may corners and streets of this great City, during the day and especially at night. I also make photo gravures and photo etchings from my images. These are all Silver-based images. I hope you like them. I will only post images that I think demonstrate the best aspects of my art. I welcome comments and critique. Remember - Less is More.
I have a lot of cameras, too many to list but mainly I use Olympus OM1 and OM2 slr's, Olympus Pen D and Pen EE half-frames, Olympus XA2 and XA3, Minox 35EL, GL, GT, PL and ML cameras which have super-sharp lenses. I also make photographic images without a camera - Lumen prints, photograms and Cyanotypes.

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