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  • Disneyland And Disney's California Adventure!!!

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    4 rolls shot, one was Expired Provie 400, Then Velvia 100(first roll ever :o\ ), Kodak E vs 100, and Solaris 200. a few troubles with film and low light, but i dont care! Its Disneyland!

  • Christmas Leftovers

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    A few random shots left over from Christmas 2012

  • Guarda che... luna!

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    Alassio in pieno agosto. Foto in bianco e nero realizzate con la mia fedele Praktica MTL 5

  • B&W Winter

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    First photos of 2013 - my niece skating :)

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    Sky Riders over Barcelona's Roofs..

  • Fireworks

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    Fireworks at the 2012 Calgary Stampede

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  • #10 Halbwelten / Demimondes | My picture won the…

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    This means that my winning photo will be published in the Berlin city magazin Zitty!!! | A Fotomarathon is a competition under extreme circumstances. Within 12 hours participants must put together a series of 12 photos. One city, 12 hours, 12 topic. In times of digital photography it is a bit easier to find the right illustration for each theme. But we shoot film! However, one thing remains the same: photos must be made in the given order. And each individual theme is revealed during the Fotomarathon day itself. | Thanks a lot my dear friend @sushi_9009 for the fantastic ideas and the support! | |

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    This camera was given beautiful new re leather bellows and a complete CLA by Certo6 here in the US. For US folding camera collectors, Jurgen Kreckel in PA is the go to guy for repairing and refurbishing folding cameras. Sooner or later you will run into him on Ebay or through Google searches. He did a marvelous job on this one and has fixed numerous other cameras for for the location of this roll, the Three Sisters Sanctuary in Goshen is an amazing spot. The owner is a guy named Richard and he built these amazing sculpture gardens as a tribute to his three daughters, and in particular to one of his daughters who died tragically several years ago. He runs a cast iron stove repair business and is a dedicated junk collector so the gardens (which are open to the public) are a fantastic combination of old iron, monumental stonework and whimsical creations of all sorts. It's a colorful place and a he's a very interesting artist. There is even a small stone amphitheater on the property and notable musicians such as Arlo Gutherie have given small intimate concerts here.

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    Some more Aerochromes from our holiday in Thailand. Yellow, Orange and Red filters and some unusual weather leading to some random colours. Those with a distinct yellow shift were from the red filter and those with the most blue sky were from the yellow. Those from the orange filter were somewhere in between.

  • Electricity Pylon

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    L'estate scorsa feci una selezione di alcune mie foto scattate in digitale ed esposi due volte lo stesso rullino,dimenticai di far combaciare i fotogrammi. Non sono per niente soddisfata dei risultati soprattutto perché non le considero foto propriamente analogiche

  • Panorama EBS at Stonehenge #2

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    I woke really early and drove 100km to be at the ancient, mystical ruins of Stonehenge by sunrise. It was a frigid morning (3°C) with a bitter wind, but at least it was clear, with plenty of sunshine. I approached the 'exposing both sides' (EBS) technique the same way as described in my first panorama EBS album here: The only difference was that I had a changing bag with me this time, so I could flip the film onsite from the redscale side (which I shot first) back to the normal side. I froze my ass off out there, but I think it was worth it for these results. Hope you like 'em too...! :-)

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  • View from the Chief

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    Squamish B.C. with the sea to sky highway winding off in the distance.

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    instax, instax mini, lomo instant, instax share, instax monochrome

  • Venezia

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    #italy #dia #Venezia #pentax

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  • Cherry Blossom Girl.

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    Just one photo worked out ok, but worth it.

  • Fun day at the Chesapeake Bay

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    Fun day at the bay

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    #fujicolor #summer #polska #poland #lightleak #lightleaks #tetenal #colortec #river #praktica #prakticamtl3 #fujifilm #summertime #selfdeveloped #zenitar

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  • || Revolog Lomowalk || 0711 ||

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    mit @faaabii unterwegs in Bneztown ( laaange ist´s her .... ) :)

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    Street Art / Urban Art in Berlin/Cologne/Bremen

  • Evka

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  • LC-A+ & architecture

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  • LC-A+ & architecture

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  • Space (Svalbard #12)

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    Amidst darknessin the polar station of Ny Ålesund I experimented a littlebit with film. I pushed an old Kodak Ektachrome Lumiere 100 two stops, made everything more light and blueish. And awkwardly enough I find the slightly unfocussed picture of the giant satellite antenna rotation the best. I hastely shot, while it was turning. It just had the most storytelling, even though it's not perfect...

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    New project I've started working on. Shooting with some very old Ektachrome on this one. Came out great although a little dark, just gotta push it a little more

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    #Veszprém #Morning #Peace #City #FujicolorC200

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    #Veszprém #Morning #Peace #City #FujicolorC200

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    This was the unique image saved from an heavy overexposed roll I would like to know why.

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    LomoChrome Turquoise XR 100-400

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  • Foto des Tages von heikerk

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    Foto des Tages von heikerk

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch heikerk zum Foto des Tages!

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  • Iceland

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    LomoWeek in Iceland with @frauspatzi, @shoujoai and @zeester

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  • Lomochrome Turquoise Roll #3

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    Shhoting portraits with Lomochrome Turquoise. Shots were taken at ISO 100 and ISO 400.

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    We've all heard that old expression...The Swiss make some nice watches but the German aesthetic is by far my favorite.

  • Foto des Tages von chrislimpio

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    Foto des Tages von chrislimpio

    Wir gratulieren chrislimpio zum Foto des Tages!

  • 5 Tipps für den Kamerakauf auf Flohmärkten

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    5 Tipps für den Kamerakauf auf Flohmärkten

    Flohmärkte können ein wahres Eldorado für Liebhaber und Sammler alter Filmkameras sein, manchmal entpuppt sich der vermeintliche Schatz aber auch als Fehlkauf. Hier erfährst du, worauf du achten solltest, wenn du auf die Jagd gehst.

  • Strawberry

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  • Bulbs

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    Polaroid lift

  • chivi

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    I had to draw a nose,was missing on picture