Welcome to my lomography page! Started with digital then ended in analog. First camera was the lovely Fuji X-T10 in 2016, got first contact with all the nice film simulations from fuji. Then got the bigger X-T3 and now own also the X-T4 bc of IBIS and filming purpose. Loved the style of the Fuji Cameras with all the dials - very Analog Camera style. One day i could go testing an analog Camera from a friend Nico, he repairs Analog Cameras and Resell it here in Bern. Go check him out ( I felt immediately in love with analog cameras and film. These days everything is faster and you can take 1000 pictures with youre phone/camera, with analog its different, you always need to know the cadrage and its also much slower. You never know if all the settings were correct and youre always super excited when you got back the negatives and scans.
First Analog Camera was a point and shoot camera, tried all the different films and got addicted. Here on Lomography i will post only my analog pictures journey!

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LomoHome of the Day (13.12.2022)

Rollei Prego AF
Nikon F801
Olympus OM1
Mamiya C330
Hasselblad XPAN (from a friend)

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