After a few hours of rest upon our arrival in Seoul, fangcarpenter and I met the contact person Ms. Imsu Ha from the Seoul Tourism Organization at entrance 9 at Hongik University subway station in Hongdae. I guessed she never had a hard time identifying us from the crowd who were also waiting for someone - given the fact that lomo cameras were hanging from our necks. She became the navigator to get us to the Lomo Embassy Store - thanks to the map and the smartphone. Despite the cold temperature, the interesting sight of rows after rows of stores made up for a leisure touristic walk. When we finally saw the store, we were both awed by the amount of lomo stuff for sale. It's a paradise where any lomographer could dream working or at least be sipping coffee while reading the latest lomo city guide. It's physical appearance was so inviting plus the warm welcome given us by the staff including cups of hot cafe Americano. Used a roll I previously exposed with old recipes before flying to Seoul to capture the moments inside the store.

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